"Brooke is such a creative photographer. She was able to pull the essence of our wedding into the photos - it feels very intimate and special looking at them, like reliving the day~ The getting ready images are especially wonderful and she made sure to get all the standard shots, but in unique, creative ways!"

Julie Bates

"Brooke took beautiful family photos while I was pregnant with my second. We had a great time at the beach. She was able to capture the essence of our family especially my son’s curious personality. The photos are so amazing. I highly recommend Brooke."

Crystal Pawlus

"I was impressed with Brooke’s commitment to capturing the perfect picture. I watched her crawling around in the dirt and climbing onto things to get just the right angle for a photo. She quietly and respectfully mingled amongst wedding guests, snapping pictures of the smallest details to memorialize the day."

Shanna Burns

"Brooke Ratzat has a wealth of photographic skill and natural talent. Her photographs display an intimacy and beauty that is simply captivating. Her area of expertise is broad. Nature, weddings, portraits, products, all done exquisitely. Brooke shot product images for my business website, and I was beyond impressed with her work and that she is so easy to work with! There was an immediate increase in my sales once her images were seen by the public because she captured my product line perfectly! Thank you Brooke!"

Julie Linville

"Brooke is a great photographer who captures small everyday things and shows what’s beautiful and special about them. Love her work!"

Elizabeth Johannsen

"Brooke made me feel so comfortable and beautiful during my sessions with her. No awkwardness! She captured so many special moments that most photographers would have missed. Her eye for detail and her attentiveness to her subjects was outstanding. I’m thankful she was available and I treasure the images she captured. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone"

Emily Chapel